Medical Tubing

Tube Extrusions for Cell Therapy, Biopharma & Medical Devices

Medical Extrusion

CellBios specialize in high-performance medical tubing for cell therapy, bio-pharma and medical applications and has a long, successful track record of supplying high-precision, specialized extruded tubing to the medical device industry.

Our capabilities include extrusion of small diameter tubing used for catheters, drainage tubes, drug delivery, and much more. These extrusions are available in single and multi-layer material configurations.

Our in-house tool room provides quick turnaround of tight-tolerance dies for prototype and production extrusion runs.

  • Medical Tubing
  • Multilayer Medical Tubing
  • PTFE Liner Tubing
  • Lubricious Tubing
  • PEEK Tubing
  • Polyimide Tubing
  • Reinforced Tubing

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