Blood and Blood Component Storage

Blood and Blood Component Storage

CellStor freezing bags are used to store whole blood and its components individually. Blood derivatives such as RBCs, platelets, WBCs, leukopaks, plasma, albumin, and platelet lysates can be stored in these bags

  • Packed Red Blood Cell
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma
  • Platelets
  • Platelet Lysate
  • Albumin
  • Cryoprecipitate

Packed Red Blood Cell

These cells are separated for blood transfusion and used in anaemic conditions if the haemoglobin is less than 70–80 g/L (7–8 g/dL). Repeated transfusions are required for people undergoing cancer chemotherapy or having haemoglobin disorders. Cross matching is must before blood administration.

Fresh Frozen Plasma

Plasma is the liquid part of whole blood and is used to treat for low blood clotting factors (INR>1.5) or low levels of other blood proteins and used as a part of plasma exchange. Compatibility testing for Specific batches to be done before administration.


Platelets are also called thrombocytes are a blood component whose function is to initiate blood clotting during bleeding. They are the fragments of cytoplasm derived from the megakaryocytes of bone marrow and enters the blood circulation.

Platelet Lysate

Human platelet lysate (or hPL) is an alternate to fetal bovine serum. It is obtained after freeze-thaw cycle (s) of human blood platelets. During Freeze-thaw cycles, the platelets lyse and releases large quantity of growth factors for cell expansion. This animal antigen free product is used for cell therapy or regenerative medicine.


Liver makes this albumin protein. It helps to keep blood stream fluid and won’t leak into other tissues. It carries substances like hormones, vitamins and enzymes. Reduced levels of albumin indicate the problem with liver or kidneys.


It is prepared from plasma and has fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor, factor VIII, factor XIII and fibronectin. Cryoprecipitate contains sufficient fibrinogen which are available for intravenous use.

Products for Cell Therapy

CellStor Applications

CellStor Freezing Bags for Bio-process / Cell Therapy Applications

CellStor bags are single use and gamma sterilized, which provide consistent freeze and thaw processes for Bio-process/cell therapy product manufacturing. High quality film made with EVA which has good vapour and gas barrier properties helping to reduce sample contamination. Various sizes ranging from 5 ml to 20 Liters are available.

These are pre-assembled and ready-to-use bags with completion of all the necessary testing’s for various bio-pharma/Bio-process and cell therapy industries. Assembly ensures proper protection, support and ease handling. Specially designed for controlled freezing, thawing and long-term storage in frozen state.


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