Tissue Freezing Bags

CellStor® Tissue Freezing Bags

CellStor Tissue Freezing Bags are made for the long-term storage of tissues & tissue components, bones, skin, and cartilage at low temperatures of -80°C and down to -196°C.

Over 15 years ago, CellStor designed medical devices dedicated to the freezing and storage of tissues.

CelllStor Tissue Freezing Bags are made to long-term storage of blood and tissue components in liquid nitrogen at low temperatures down to -196°C.

These Tissue Freezing bags are made of CellStor EVA film and manufactured in various sizes according to the requirement of its storage volume.

It is extremely durable to impacts and tearing. Ideal choice to archive and protect storage samples especially cells and tissues.


CellStor Tissue Freezing Bags are used by cord blood banks, tissue banks and eye banks for the long term storage of tissues, bones, skin, grafts (e.g. heart valves), cells, Cartilage, Solid Tissues, etc.

Different types of tissues are stored under refrigeration / cryogenic conditions for therapeutic purposes such as;

  • Amniotic Membrane (corneas & sclera)
  • Cord Blood – Bone marrow & imunological replacemnt
  • Wharton’s Jelly – Tissue engineering
  • Heart Valve – Replacement of abnormal valves
  • Limbal Stem Cell – Limbal Stem Cells Replacement


  • Fit for storage in liquid nitrogen as well as in the vaphor phase
  • Long term storage down to -196 °C
  • CellStor Film – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Biocompatible – USP Class VI and ISO 10993 compliant
  • Extremely resistant to mechanical strain
  • Metal envelope produces uniform thin layer
  • Wide range of choices to preserve tissue and tissue components.
  • Compatible with RF and heat sealing
    Shelf-life of 36 months
    Sterile and Individually packed in Tyvek pouch.


Suitable for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen at low temperatures up to -196°C.

Material & Biocompatible
CellStor freezing bags are made of EVA film. EVA material meets biocompatibility requirements and the bags are gamma sterilized.

Bag Sealing
The EVA bags are suitable for heat sealing and radio frequency sealing. The CellStor EVA bags seals at ~105°C and is simple to seal with any standard lab sealer. To open the bag post-thaw, simply cut below the top seal and remove the contents as needed.

Although the bag has a matte finish, it is translucent and allows for easy observation of the tissue through the film.

CellStor Tissue Storage bags are an ideal choice to protect samples during cryopreservation even at very low temperatures. CellStor bags are available in various sizes and volume ranges for Tissue Freezing applications.

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