CellStor® EVA Transfer Bags

CellStor® EVA Transfer Bags are used for the collection, processing, and storage of blood & blood components, cell & cellular components, etc.

cellstor transfer bags

CellStor® EVA Transfer Bags are made of special grade high molecular weight EVA.

EVA Transfer bags offers flexibility for various applications in different volumes ranging from 5 mL to 5 Litres Traceability is assured by CellBios at every phase of the manufacturing process of CellStor EVA Transfer Bags. CellStor EVA Transfer Bags are validated to store up to -80°C.


  • The modular design allows for numerous product versions

  • Freely selectable tube system

  • With or without spike entry ports

  • Ergonomically shaped spike design for easy use

  • Grip tab for easy port access

  • Tamper-evident spike port

  • Traceability assurance

  • Precise and comprehensible Labelling

  • Rounded shoulder design

  • Ensures maximum product recovery

  • Each manufacturing lot meets the Sterility assurance Level of 10-6

  • Spotless and flawless In-house Extrusion tubing

  • Faultless components with high grade quality in each lot

  • Double checked quality


  • CellStor EVA Transfer Bags are uniquely designed with narrow finishing on the top ensure easy retrieval of the fluid
  • Kink free tubing ensures smooth blood flow and outer port opening with excellent sealing integrity
  • Tube extrusion process maintains the quality of clarity, wall thickness and Inner diameter throughout the process
  • Hanger hole allows effortless handling
  • Each bag has an identification number for better traceability.
  • Port Configuration and tubing length as per ISO 3826-1:2019
  • No risk of contamination and air embolism
  • Spike permits flexibility for open or closed system processing
  • Temporary clamp located between the manifold and transfer bag which helps to control the pooling process
  • CellStor Transfer bags are individually packed in Tyvek Pouch to meet your aseptic processing techniques
  • Extremely resistant to mechanical strain
  • High strength sealing afford leak free bags
  • Sterile-non pyrogenic, non-toxic, non-haemolytic and biocompatible material
  • Protective Tyvek packaging with user friendly labelling features
  • In-house Components of the bag relay on quality and ensure for easy handling

CellStor® EVA Film for Transfer Bags

CellStor EVA Transfer Bags are constructed of single-layer film optimized for the protection of high-value biopharmaceuticals, biologics, blood & blood components, cell and gene therapy products & intermediates as well as in-process and finished products from the bioprocess industry.

Film materials are consistent throughout the product range and are of non-animal origin raw materials. Offering outstanding biocompatibility, chemical compatibility, barrier, and strength properties. CellBios films meet the requirements of the most demanding blood component processing, bioprocess and CGT applications.

EVA Film has low water vapour transmission rates with excellent cold storage properties of up to -80°C.

Applications – EVA Transfer Bags (Single / Double / Triple Bags)

CellStor® EVA Transfer Bags are used for various medical and cell therapy applications

Specification / Ordering Information

CellStor® EVA Transfer Bags

Part NumberProduct DescriptionWidth x Length (mm)Fill Volume
CSTBE5CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 5 mL28 x 60 mm5 mL
CSTBE10CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 10 mL40 x 76 mm10 mL
CSTBE15CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 15 mL46 x 90 mm15 mL
CSTBE20CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 20 mL46 x 116 mm20 mL
CSTBE25CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 25 mL56 x 116 mm25 mL
CSTBE30CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 30 mL60 x 123 mm30 mL
CSTBE50CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 50 mL85 x 138.5 mm50 mL
CSTBE100CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 100 mL85 x 138.5 mm100 mL
CSTBE150CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 150 mL134 x 154.5 mm150 mL
CSTBE200CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 200 mL134 x 154.5 mm200 mL
CSTBE250CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 250 mL134 x 154.5 mm250 mL
CSTBE300CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 300 mL134 x 194.5 mm300 mL
CSTBE350CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 350 mL134 x 194.5 mm350 mL
CSTBE400CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 400 mL134 x 194.5 mm400 mL
CSTBE450CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 450 mL134 x 209.5 mm450 mL
CSTBE500CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 500 mL134 x 209.5 mm500 mL
CSTBE600CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 600 mL134 x 209.5 mm600 mL
CSTBE1000CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 1000 mL185 x 270 mm1000 mL
CSTBE1500CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 1500 mL185 x 270 mm1500 mL
CSTBE2000CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 2000 mL200 x 350 mm2000 mL
CSTBE3000CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 3000 mL225 x 390 mm3000 mL
CSTBE5000CellStor EVA Transfer Bag, 5000 mL260 x 440 mm5000 mL
CSCWTBE-03CellStor Cell Wash Bag with EVA Transfer Bag, 250 mL112 x 190 mm250 mL

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