CellBios® Bioreactor is a single use reactor bag used for cell separation, processing and expansion during cell culture and drug discovery applications. It is made up of multi layered PE film and Nylon filter material with a pore size of about 1.2µm. CellBios® Bioreactors provide a secure environment for cultivating cells, minimizing the risk of contamination that can disrupt the production. A bioreactor with a perfusion filter is a specialized bioreactor used in the biopharmaceutical industry for cultivating cells, fluid handling, purification, and producing various products.



Offered in 7 different configurations from 1 L to 50 L. Further options are available through our custom order process through which we can accommodate most end users’ process needs.

Bioreactor with filter

Bioreactor with filter

Offered in 6 different configurations from 2 L to 50 L. It is made up of multi layered PE film and Nylon filter material with varying pore sizes.


  • Specially designed for easy fluid handling
  • Excellent durability and toughness
  • Highly sealable and weldable to provide leak resistance
  • Exhibits superior clarity and transparency for good visibility
  • Excellent gas barrier properties
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Suitable for long term storage of materials at a wide range of pH and temperatures
  • Superior filter for harvesting extracellular and intracellular products


Gentle mixing: Bioreactors use a gentle rocking motion to mix the cell culture minimizing the shear stress on the cells. This is crucial as shear stress from impellers can damage the cells, reducing viability and ultimately impacting yield.

Simplified design: The lack of moving parts resulting in a smaller overall footprint and the potential use of simpler materials make them easier to build and maintain compared to traditional stirred-tank bioreactors.

Easier monitoring and analysis: Cells are spread out in a single layer, making them easier to observe under microscopes and for various analytical techniques.

Integrated filters: Bioreactors with integrated filters allow for continuous or fed-batch operation. This enables the removal of waste products and the addition of fresh nutrients to the culture medium without interrupting the process.

Improved harvest clarity: Pre-filtration of the cell culture broth using the integrated filter before cell lysis can help improve the harvest & clarity, simplifying downstream processing and improving the efficiency of purification steps.

Reduced Contamination Risk: Rocking single-use bioreactor bags with filters ensures a contaminant-free environment throughout the culturing process.

Bioreactor Specification
Bioreactor with filter spec
1MPC coupling plug
2MPC coupling body
3TPE tube
4Pinch clamp
5Female luer with cap
6Needle-free site
7Slide clamp
8Air inlet vent filter
9Disc port connector
10Check valvehose barb
11DO sensor port
12pH sensor port
13Mesh filter
Filter pore size1.2µm
Tube length5 cm to 200 cm
Tube diameter (ID x OD)6.4 x 9.5 mm (1/4 x 5/8 in.)
Disc port6.4 mm, 9.5 mm, 12.7 mm
Connector19.05 mm, 25.4 mm


Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs): CellBios® Bioreactor helps maintain a healthy environment for these complex molecules, leading to higher yields and improved quality for cancer and autoimmune disease treatments.

Recombinant Proteins: CellBios® Bioreactor can be used in therapeutic proteins like insulin and growth factors benefit from the controlled environment and waste product removal offered by perfusion, resulting in increased yields of functional proteins.

Stem Cell Culture: CellBios® Bioreactor offers a sterile and controlled environment for large-scale stem cell expansion for therapeutic applications.

Viral Vectors: Vectors are used in gene therapy applications. CellBios Bioreactor can help achieve high viral titers, which is essential for effective gene delivery.

Tissue Engineering: CellBios® Bioreactors can be used to create artificial tissues or organs by culturing specific cell types and providing a controlled environment for their growth and differentiation.

Vaccine production: CellBios® Bioreactor bags can be used to produce viral vaccines, recombinant subunit vaccines, and other types of vaccines for preventing infectious diseases.

Cell Therapy: CellBios® Bioreactor can be used in expanding large quantities of therapeutic cells like CAR-T cells, stem cells, and NK cells used in cell-based therapies.


Ordering Information

Part NumberProduct DescriptionVolumeWorking
Outer Bag Size
Inner Bag Size
2DBRBA-01Bioreactor Bag 1 L1 L500 mL292 x 575 (mm)272 x 265 (mm)
2DBRBB-01Bioreactor Bag 2 L2 L1 L292 x 575 (mm)272 x 415 (mm)
2DBRBC-01Bioreactor Bag 5 L5 L2.5 L365 x 565 (mm)345 x 405 (mm)
2DBRBD-01Bioreactor Bag 10 L10 L5 L365 x 565 (mm)345 x 445 (mm)
2DBRBE-01Bioreactor Bag 20 L20 L10 L625 x 710 (mm)605 x 586 (mm)
2DBRBF-01Bioreactor Bag 22 L22 L11 L500 x 870 (mm)480 x 750 (mm)
2DBRBG-01Bioreactor Bag 50 L50 L25 L760 x 870 (mm)740 x 750 (mm)

Bioreactor with filter

Ordering Information

Part NumberProduct DescriptionVolumeWorking VolumeOuter Bag Size WxL (mm)Inner Bag Size WxL (mm)
2DBRFBA-01Bioreactor Filter Bag 2 L2 L1 L292 x 575272 x 415
2DBRFBB-01Bioreactor Filter Bag 5 L5 L2.5 L365 x 565345 x 405
2DBRFBC-01Bioreactor Filter Bag 10 L10 L5 L365 x 565345 x 445
2DBRFBD-01Bioreactor Filter Bag 20 L20 L10 L625 x 710605 x 586
2DBRFBE-01Bioreactor Filter Bag 22 L22 L11 L500 x 870480 x 750
2DBRFBF-01Bioreactor Filter Bag 50 L50 L25 L760 x 870740 x 750

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