Assembly requires a lot of skill set and expertise to overcome the challenges in component connectivity in terms of final product assembly. Our key success depends on the speed at which the product releases in the market and for that we have a fully automated and manual assembly go hand in hand for high volume production.

Our facility has a good assembly set up for technicians to perform expansion of tubes, Solvent and UV Bonding, leak test and Supports Robotic assembly.

Tube Expander:

Expertise in pneumatic tubing expander for enlarging the internal diameter of PVC, EVA, Polyurethane, Silicone and latex tubing to fit into luer, barbs etc.,

Multi Tester:

It is an electro- pneumatic equipment for pressure decay leak tests on soft or rigid medical devices. It can perform 4 different types of tests which includes leakage, multi leakage, Obstruction and multi obstruction tests.

Solvent Dispensers:

It is safe, reliable, easy and quick dispensing of solvent on to the tubes and components. Our dispensers are mistake proof and allows significant reduction of time necessary for dosing compared to traditional methods. The uniform filling of the solvent allows better bonding, provides strength and safety to the product and creates healthier environment to the operator.

Automatic Assembling Technology:

Our team has expertise in electrical, pneumatic, Electro pneumatic technology for producing large volume components with negligible rejection.

Our Capabilities


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