Tank Liners

CellBios offers CellLiner® range of Tank Liners for media and buffer mixing applications.

CellBios offers smallest tank liners available in the market. CellLiner is offered as small as 5L until 560L with various ranges. Thus, CellLiners can be used in multi department ranging from R&D, PD, and Production sites.

The film used in CellLiner is 3-layer and LDPE as fluid contact layer. Same contact layer film chemistry for all media buffer prep and storage applications.


  • Media Preparation
  • Buffer Preparation
  • Reagent Hydration
  • Process Solution Preparation
  • Transient Storage

Range of Cell-Liners from 5L to 560L


  • Starting with 5L upto 560L range.
  • Manufactured according to ISO GMP standards.
  • Three Layer film, product contact layer is LDPE.
  • CellBios also provides outer containers to hold tank liners according to customer needs.
  • Ready to use gamma sterilized
  • Non-animal origin
  • Provided with complete regulatory certification


  • Smallest available size is 5 L for small scale mixing applications like powder feed preparation.
  • Eliminates multi-film qualification in same project.
  • Fits for various outer container configurations
  • Suits for customized applications
  • Minimizes bio-burden due to construction under sterile cGMP conditions
  • Eliminates post-use cleaning steps required with reusable containers. Helping to reduce cross- contamination risks and reduce cycle times.

Ordering Information

Part No.Volume Height x WidthPackage
BPTL5L5L348 mm x 280 mm10 /pack
BPTL10L10 L418 mm x 341 mm10 /pack
BPTL20L20 L598 mm x 476 mm5 /pack
BPTL50L50 L888 mm x 596 mm5 /pack
BPTL100L100 L1020 mm x 840 mm5 /pack
BPTL200L200 L1206 mm x 945 mm5 /pack
BPTL300L300 L1540 mm x 1030 mm5 /pack
BPTL560L560 L1664 mm x 1345 mm5 /pack
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