Overwrap Bags

FEP & EVA Overwrap Bags

CelllStor overwrap bags are made to protect against damage to the freezing bag, and the sample within. These CellStor FEP and EVA bags are manufactured in various sizes according to the requirement of the customers based on the storage product and its volume.

The Overwrap bags are ideally suited for the CellStor bags and a perfect fit inside your existing cassettes. Bags are suitable for heat sealing and radio frequency sealing.

The Overwrap bags are supplied with extra length to fit a range of different biologic bags. It is extremely durable to impacts and tearing. Ideal choice to archive and protect blood samples especially cord blood, bone marrow and other biological samples.


  • Stable when completely immersed in Liquid Nitrogen (LN)
  • Cryogenically stable at temperatures -196°C
  • Extremely durable to impacts and tearing
  • FEP & EVA are made out of USP Class VI plastic
  • Maintains its flexibility properties at cryogenic temperatures
  • Customized bags are available for various biological sample storage.


Overwrap bags are used in numerous application such as cord blood banks, cancer research, stem cell research, cryopreservation, immunotherapy, cell therapy and all types of cell storage applications that require a cryogenic bag.

Cellstor overwrap bags are an ideal choice to protect samples during cryopreservation and optically clear, allowing high visibility of the sample, even at very low temperatures.

Ordering Information

EVA Overwrap Bags (Sterile)


1. Packs of individually sealed Sterile EVA Overwrap Bags are available on request
2. Non-Sterile EVA Overwrap Bags are also available in 50/100 per pack

FEP Overwrap Bags (Non-Sterile)

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