GudeWay – Gudel Airways

The Guedel Airway is a Oropharyngeal Tube used to prop open the upper airways. Due to his form, the correctly used Guedel Airway prevents that the tongue of a patient can drop back and therefore block the airway. It does not offer protection from Aspiration. The use of a suction catheter is however possible. Furthermore, the Guedel Airway can be used for tracheal tube fixation. For this use, the Guedel Airway also functions as bite block to prevent an occlusion of the tracheal tube caused by the patient’s teeth.


  • The smooth finish of the airway reduces the risk of damage to oropharyngeal tissues.
  • Guedel Airways are designed to maintain an unobstructed oropharyngeal airway during or following general anaesthesia and in patients who are unconscious for other reasons
  • Stemless airway path for easy cleaning.
  • Bite blocks are colour coded for instant size identification.
  • Integral hard bite block avoids airway occlusion and biting of tongue.
  • manufactured from non-toxic, Latex and phthalate free , non-irritant polymer PE.
  • Individually packed in peelable medical grade paper pouch / poly bag
  • Sterilized by ETO, single use only

Ordering Information

Part No.DescriptionPacking
GDW000GudeWay- Guedel airways, lenght 30mm, Size-000, PVC, color : Transparent50/400
GDW00GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 40mm, Size-00, PVC, color : Pink50/400
GDW0GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 50mm, Size-0, PVC,color : Blue50/400
GDW1GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 60mm, Size-1, PVC,color : Black50/400
GDW2GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 70mm, Size-2, PVC, color : white50/400
GDW3GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 80mm, Size-3, PVC, color : grey25/400
GDW4GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 90mm, Size-4, PVC, color : Yellow25/400
GDW5GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 100mm, Size-5, PVC,color : Red25/400
GDW6GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 110mm, Size-6, PVC,color : Orange25/400
GDW7GudeWay- Guedel airways, length 120mm, Size-7, PVC,color : Purple25/400

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