Enteral Feeding Bag

Enteral Feeding Bag for use in administration of enteral nutrition, fluids or medication in place of an enteral feeding pump

Enteral Feeding Bag

For malnourished patients or those at risk of nutrient deficiency who have a functional gastrointestinal system but are unable to maintain a sufficient or safe oral intake, enteral feeding should be investigated. The Feed’n Bag ensures perfect and premium design for both technician and patient comfort.


  • Filling and handling are simple owing to their wide cap
  • Large, easy-to-open cap with a strong hanging ring
  • Made of DEHP-free PVC and EVA material
  • Long tubing guarantees user comfort
  • Non-Kinking Tubing for better flow of feeds
  • The bag with an ice pouch enables long time storage and nutrient quality
  • Translucent bag with graduations facilitates the volumetric analysis of nutrients
  • Bottom drain port confirms complete drainage
  • Non-IV compatible connector
  • Sterile & Single Gazette Pouch pack
  • Fits for gravity and as well as pump feeding


TypeEnteral Feeding Bag Set: Bag + Extension Tube
Bag 500 ml, 600 ml, 1L, and 1.2 L
Transparent Non-DEHP PVC / EVA Film
Permanent Graduation Every 100 ml
Visible Graduation Numbers
Universal Rounder Hermetic Closure
TubeTransparent Non-DEHP PVC / EVA Tube inlcudes
Drip Chamber
Roller Clamp
Universal Female Luer Adaptor / Enteral Connector
Tube Length150 cm
SterilizationETO Sterilization

Ordering Information

Part No.Description Package
CFNBP500Enteral Feeding Bag (Non-DEHP PVC), 500 ml50 /pack
CFNBP600Enteral Feeding Bag (Non-DEHP PVC), 600 ml50 /pack
CFNBP1000Enteral Feeding Bag (Non-DEHP PVC), 1L with30 /pack
CFNBP1200Enteral Feeding Bag (Non-DEHP PVC), 1.2L ml30 /pack
CFNBE500Enteral Feeding Bag (EVA), 500 ml50 /pack
CFNBE600Enteral Feeding Bag (EVA), 600 ml50 /pack
CFNBE1000Enteral Feeding Bag (EVA), 1L30 /pack
CFNBE1200Enteral Feeding Bag (EVA), 1.2L ml30 /pack


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