Extension Set with 3-Way Stopcock

3-Way Stop Cock with Extension Tube is to be used with any of the various infusion or transfusion devices in order to allow for attachment with any special or general-purpose medical device, in order to improve ease of use also to provide an alternative channel for introduction of medicine to the patient.


  • Made of clear and non-toxic PVC / DEHP Free PVC
  • Latex Free, non-pyrogenic
  • Diameter: OD 4.1 mm, ID 3.0 mm
  • Universal luer lock connector allows connection with a wide variety of standard medical devices.
  • Fully transparent body made of medical – grade biocompatible polycarbonate allows visualization of flow of fluids.
  • Tube Lengths: 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 cm
  • Single-use, EO Sterilized & Individually Packed


  • Three Way Stop Cock integrated with Kink resistant PVC tubing
  • High quality kink-resistant tubing with smooth inner surfaces for laminar, non-turbulent flow.
  • A perfect module which facilitates drug administration or additional lines together
  • Smooth tap rotation
  • Uniform bore through-out ensures maximum infusion-flow and minimum turbulence
  • Leak proof body withstands pressure up-to ten bars when applied in normal conditions
  • Screw luer lock ensures safe and secure connection to luers of other standard systems
  • 6% luer-taper is compatible with any standard product

Ordering Information

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