Serving Business Segments and Products

Our key focus areas are Cell Therapy, Bio-Banking, Bio-Process, Medical & OEM. We serve these markets with a more scientific and focused approach.

Cell Therapy Products

PRP Kit, PL Kit, Bone Marrow Kit, Cord Blood Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant, Samplings & Transport Bags

Cell Therapy

Bio-Banking Products

Freezing Bags, Transfer Freezing Bag, Transfer Bags, Accessories



Bio-Process Products

UpStream Bioprocessing, DownStream Bioprocessing, Manifold Transfer Sets, Sampling Bags, Storage Bags


Medical Products

Urology, Nephro Care, Critical Care, Cardio Care, Infusion & Drug Delivery, Respiro Care, In-vitro Fertilisation



Tube Extrusions, Film Extrusion, Assembly & Packaging Services, Sterilization, Sterile Filling, Components & Technologies


CellStor® Freezing Bags for cryopreservation/storage of Blood & Blood Components, Cell & Cellular Components and Tissues

The freezing bag is designed to tolerate long term storage at temperature down to -196ºC, the optimal storage condition of cells, tissue, organs and other biological specimens.

CellStor® Processing and Storage Bags for Low Temperature Storage Applications

CellStor® Biocontainers for Single-Use Bioprocessing

CellStor Single-Use Bioprocessing Bags are used with single-use perfusion mode-capable reactors for cell culture and microbial fermentation applications that span process development, clinical trials, and large-scale commercial biomanufacturing.

CellStor Single-use bioprocess bags are increasingly being used for the preparation, storage and transport of biopharmaceutical liquids, intermediates, and final drug products.

Products we offer for medical industry


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