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Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO / DMSO-Dextran)

CellSol® DMSO

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (CH3)2SO or C2H6OS (DMSO) is a clear essentially odorless, hygroscopic, water-miscible liquid. CellSol is a 99.9% DMSO used to cryopreserve stem cells, functional cells, tissues, cells and cellular components isolated from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, bone marrow, and other biologicals.

CellSol® DMSO-Dextran

DMSO-Dextran (55% DMSO / 5% Dextran-40) contributes as controlled formation of ice crystals which leads to lesser damage to cell membrane and organelles.

  • Sterile Filling Under cGMP
  • Sterility and Endotoxin Tested
  • Mycoplasma Tested

Ordering Information

CellSol® DMSO

Part No.Volumes (in mL)Container
CS-1010 mLGlass Vial
CS-5050 mLGlass Vial
CS-100100 mLGlass Vial

CellSol® DMSO-Dextran

Part No.Volumes (in mL)Container
DMSDEX-66.3 mLGlass Vial
DMSDEX-88 mLGlass Vial
DMSDEX-1010 mLGlass Vial
DMSDEX-100100 mLGlass Vial

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (C2H6OS – DMSO) is a clear essentially odorless, hygroscopic, water-miscible liquid.

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