Lung Exerciser

Cell-O-Cizer is a Lung Exerciser, which most commonly  used after surgery. It encourages deep and prolonged inspiration and helps patients in faster recovery post operatively.


  • Innovative system to exercise respiration through inspiration.
  • Breathing exerciser.
  • Three spheres rise proportionately to the inspiration exerted by the user.
  • Device is composed of Base and central part divided into three chambers containing three small spheres.
  • Specially designed with 3 stage chambers to provide more efficient exercise to patient at a step up basis.
  • Innovative design, can be dis-assembled into parts for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Non sterile, individually packed in a box

Unit consist of :

  • Transparent main body, Base, Small sphere of Red, Yellow and Blue colour,
  • Connecting tube with mouth piece.

Ordering Information

Part No.DescriptionPacking
COLE01Cell-O-Cizer , Lung Exerciser1/50

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