Infusion Bags

InfuLine – PVC & EVA Infusion Bags

Infusion Bags are designed to be filled with pharmaceutical / medical solutions

InfuLine Infusion Bags are made with medical-grade soft PVC and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film materials. It’s highly transparent, flexible, lightweight, and provided with two separate ports for injection and infusion. InfuLine IV bags are highly compatible with all standard IV infusion and transfer sets and meet the highest ecological and drug compatibility standards.

Infusion Bags



  • Capacity: 50 mL ~ 5000 mL with one or two tubes

  • Made-up of Medical Grade Soft PVC (Non-DEHP) and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Films

  • Compatible to moisture / steam sterilization

  • Interval (Pitch) between stopper and twist-off is 25mm and 40mm.

  • Clear Transparency, Flexible

  • Prevent air in-take


Our IV bags are meant for primary packaging of

  • IV Solutions

  • Rehydration Solutions

  • Anticoagulant Solutions

  • Infusion / Transfusion

  • Media Culture

  • Dialysis

  • Veterinary solution

  • Urology, and other applications.

Ordering Information - Infusion Bags (PVC)

Ordering Information - Infusion Bags (EVA)

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