UroDrop Meter – Urine Collection Bag with Measured Volume Chamber

CellBios has an in-house manufacturing facilities with class 10,000 clean rooms to produce high-quality sterile and non-sterile products.


Designed to measure accurate output volume of urine hourly


Leak-free Welding : Unique design to ensure leak-free welding on inlet-tubing and outlet drain valves for safety and user convenience.

Robust Universal Hanger : Universal extra strength robust double hook hanger for secure fixation of the bag and safety.

Non-Return Valve : Presence of the non-return valve prevents retrograde flow of urine into the bladder, reducing the risk of ascending infections.

Ridged Universal Connector : Ridged universal connector with protective caps opposite to the direction of catheter extraction. Suitable for all commonly used catheters.

Flexible, Kink-resistant Inlet Tubing : Kink-resistant tubing with enhanced flexibility provides resistance-free easy flow of urine. Tube withstands twists and pressure, without losing its elasticity.

White Background : Helps in urine Color and volume monitoring with clear graduation in ml.

ETO Sterilized : ETO sterilized disposable urine collection bag provides safe and secure urine drainage, minimizing the risk of developing catheter connector based urinary tract infections.


  • The urine bag drainage valve / port, tubing, NRV and bag are RF sealed, to ensure safety and leak proof
  • Ergonomically designed bag ensures 100% urine drainage.
  • White background ensures for the proper identification of color and volume measurement of the urine.
  • Clear Graduation in ml for volume measurement.
  • Bags are made with high tensile strength film·
  • Universal inlet / catheter connector fits for all French gauge (Fr) sizes·
  • Graduation markings allow easy reading of low volume urine collection, volume of 2000 mL with high precision than any other bags available in the market.
  • Each bag is individually packed with easy peel cover to maintain hygiene and to ensure convenience of use.
  • Sterile fluid pathway
  • Universal extra strength double hook Hanger

Ordering Information

Part No.Volume DescriptionPackage
URDM -2502000MLUrine Collection Bag with Measured Volume Set - 250ml5/ box, 50/carton
URDM -5002000MLUrine Collection Bag with Measured Volume Set - 500ml5/ box, 50/carton
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