Transducer Protector

Transducer protectors are used in Haemodialysis blood lines to keep the blood side of the circuit separated from the machine side and to prevent contamination of the machine by the blood flowing through the circuit. Transducer Protector is a good protective barrier for pressure monitoring during haemodialysis.

Transducer protectors are also suitable as air or gas vents. Venting characteristics are achieved by using hydrophobic membranes. Membrane Solutions has a full range of transducer protector products which incorporate either highly hydrophobic PTFE or hydrophobic acrylic membranes, and custom products can be manufactured upon request.


  • Protective Hydrophobic ePTFE membrane with 0.2 micron pore size.
  • Protecting patients and equipment from cross contamination
  • Sterile, Non-Pyrogenic.
  • Provided for Better Grip, Ridged finger grip around the outside
  • Fast Response.
  • Antibacterial hydrophobic air filter with female luer lock/male luer lock
  • PVC Housings designed to withstand pneumatic pulsing
  • Light weight and rigid design
  • Effective Filtration Area: 1.53 cm2/2.5 cm2
  • Choice of media to accommodate sterilization methods
  • Coloured housings available for identification
  • Custom printed blister packaging available

Ordering Information

Part No.DescriptionMedium PackageBulk Package
CBTPS010Transducer Protector500 /pack1000 /pack

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