Tube & Bag Sealers

Tube & Bag Sealers

CellBios Tube cum Bag Sealer is compact and lightweight with a hand unit. It generates strong high radio frequency power to melt thermoplastic tubing and seals in 2-4 seconds. Both battery operated and direct power supply sealers are available.

Power Supply Sealer

Battery Operated Sealer


  • Power Supply: AC-powered with handheld sealing unit suitable at blood collection sites or laboratories where multiple users can share a machine.
  • Battery operated sealer: Light-weight hi-power battery pack is (rechargeable and replaceable) with high efficiency connector and seals 1100 – 1500 times.
  • Seals wide range of blood bag tubing – good for tubing diameter 2-6 mm (1/4″)
  • Fast sealing in seconds. No warm-up required
  • Makes seals with a notch at the center for easy segmenting of tubing
  • Head protector is detachable for sealing head cleaning
  • Canvas carrying bag is included. The bag carries all parts.


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