NasoTwin – Twin Bore nasal oxygen Cannula

Nasal Cannula enables patients to communicate, eat or drink as the device is designed in a way that the mouth of patient is kept vacant. The device is also popularly known as Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set.


  • Manufactured from soft, non-toxic PVC thus non irritating even in long term use.
  • System of attachment provides maximum freedom to the patient and leaves the patient’s mouth free for nutrition and communication.
  • Twin bore/ nasal tips are designed to ensure equal volume of oxygen to both air passages.
  • Soft funnel shape connector facilitates easy connection to the oxygen source.
  • Multichannel tube ensures the supply of oxygen even if the tube kinks accidentally.
  • Non-sterile, individually packed .

Option Available

  • Various lengths
  •  Poly Pack or Paper-Poly Pack

Ordering Information

Part No.DescriptionPacking
NST01NasoTwin - Twin Bore nasal oxygen set , Tube length 200cm, Adult20/200
NST02NasoTwin - Twin Bore nasal oxygen set , Tube length 200cm, Pediatric20/200
NST03NasoTwin - Twin Bore nasal oxygen set , Tube length 200cm, Infant20/200

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