CellStor® Freezing Bags

The Cryopreservation Bags are used for the storage of Blood & Blood Components, Cell & Cellular Components and Tissues

  • Efficient Design – Low dead volumes, high recoveries
  • Closed System
  • Compatible with most standard racking systems
  • Custom Designs Available
  • Gamma Sterile, Single-use
  • In-built bag label area for certain bags
  • Tested for non-toxic, and endotoxin
  • Inert and highly bio-compatible

CellStor Freezing Bags are suitable for cryopreserving biological samples down to -196°C in both the liquid and vapour phases.

CellStor freezing bags are used to freeze and cryopreserve cells (primary cells and cell lines), and cellular components, blood and blood components, tissues, and other biological products such as vaccines, proteins, exosomes, etc. for use in various treatment modalities such as stem cell therapy, CAR-T cell therapy, NK cell therapy, gene therapy, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.

CellStor freezing bags are made up of special grade Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), also known as polyolefin. They retain their flexibility even at freezing temperatures and have high puncture resistance.

CellStor freezing bags are resistant to gas and liquid permeation, they facilitate cross contamination-free storage and culture.

Single Compartment

Dual Compartment

Multi Compartment

Lay Flat Freezing Bags

Ranging from 2ml to 3L


Safe. Economical.

The CellStor freezing bag set is a safe, economical way to process and preserve blood & blood components, cell & cellular components, tissues, and other biologics.

Low Temperature Durability

The freezing bags are made from special Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)/Polyolefin film, which combines tough, low temperature durability with excellent transparency, flexibility, impact and puncture resistance.

Reduce Contamination

The bag film has good vapour and gas barrier properties, helping to minimize sample cross contamination.

Long Term Storage

The freezing bag is designed to tolerate long term storage at temperature down to -196ºC, the optimal storage condition of cells, tissue, organs and other biologics.

Retains Biological Specimens

The film material is biologically inert which will ensure that the stored biologics are unaltered by their environment.

The closed system bags ensures microbial free environment to the product


  • Improved design with reduced dead spaces to ensure proper mixing of the sample, forming a homogenous mixture preventing cell death/loss during cryopreservation.

  • Smooth inner surface of CellStor bag doesn’t trap the cells and helps in maximizing the recovery of thawed product.

  • Extra-long EVA tubing enables easy sampling for quality control testing.

  • Needle free connection options help reduce the risk of contamination and leakage. This also ensures a closed system even after disconnecting the syringe.

  • Hanger holes are provided for easy handling of the bags.

  • Labelling space is provided for recording sample information.

  • Two female luers and one male luer are provided as the default port configuration. However, the port configuration can be customized as per process requirements.

  • Freezing bags are available in 50+ different sizes (from 2ml to 3L) offering flexibility for use in various applications.

  • Our Freezing bags are individually packed in Tyvek pouches to facilitate aseptic processing.

Technical Specification


CellStor Freezing Bags for Cell / Gene / Tissue Therapy and Bioprocess Applications

CellStor Freezing Bags are used for storing/ cryopreserving biological products such as cells, tissues, organelles, and their byproducts used in various healthcare applications and basic research.

CellStor bags are pre-assembled, single-use, gamma sterilized, closed systems that facilitate ideal freezing and thawing processes for cell/ gene/tissue therapy and bioprocess applications. They are specially designed for controlled freezing, thawing, and long-term cryo storage.

CellStor freezing bags are available in various sizes, ranging from 2ml to 3L (50+ different sizes) with single, dual, and multi-compartment, top and bottom tubes and ports.

Bags are designed to facilitate easy sample distribution into various smaller bags (for different QC studies) and larger storage bags in a single filling operation. This reduces the need for multiple manual welds and seals, reducing contamination risk while improving ease of use.

Cell & Gene Therapy


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