Tissue and Organ Storage

Tissue and Organ Storage

CellStor freezing bags can be used to store tissues and organs for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. This helps in easy transportation for autologous and allogeneic transplantations.

• Cord Tissue
• Placental Tissue
• Amniotic Membrane
• Skin
• Bone
• Organs
• Adipose Tissue

Cord Tissue: Baby’s umbilical cord tissue is abundant with mesenchymal stem cells which are multipotent and can differentiate to many cell types bone cells, cartilage cells, muscle cells and fat cells which can give rise to marrow adipose tissue.

Placental Tissue: It is composed of both maternal and fetal tissue. Embryonic derived placental tissue portion is chorion.
Amniotic Membrane: It is from the fetal membrane. Inner amniotic membrane consists of single amnion cells fixed to collagen rich mesenchyme attached to chorian.

Bone: It is a rigid and strong organ for vertebrate skeleton and provides structure and support to the body and ensures movement of the organism. Bones and tendons are donated for allogenic transplantation purpose.

Organs: Invitro storage of solid organs are very limited since it can store in between 6-24 hrs. Liver in between 6-10 hrs, heart and lungs are still lesser and kidneys up to 24 hrs. Storing with appropriate preservation solutions and containers/bags are important for successful transplantation outcome.

Skin: It is soft outer covering tissue in human body and has three layers Epidermis, dermis and sub cutaneous. Skin banking and transplant can be done with autogenic (From healthy skin of the same patient) and allogenic skins (From the cadaver).
Adipose tissue: It is a loose connective tissue and stores the energy in the form of fat. Adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells are stored for longer periods for the transplantation due to their immunosuppressive properties and low immunogenicity.

CellStor Applications

CellStor Applications

CellStor Freezing Bags for Bio-process / Cell Therapy Applications

CellStor bags are single use and gamma sterilized, which provide consistent freeze and thaw processes for Bio-process/cell therapy product manufacturing. High quality film made with EVA which has good vapour and gas barrier properties helping to reduce sample contamination. Various sizes ranging from 5 ml to 20 Liters are available.

These are pre-assembled and ready-to-use bags with completion of all the necessary testing’s for various bio-pharma/Bio-process and cell therapy industries. Assembly ensures proper protection, support and ease handling. Specially designed for controlled freezing, thawing and long-term storage in frozen state.

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