Conical Freezing Bags

Conical Freezing Bags (V-Shaped)

For Cryopreservation of Blood & Blood Components, Cell & Cellular Components, and Tissues

Conical Freezing Bags (V-Shaped) are designed and intended to be used for freezing and cryopreserving of blood, blood components, cell and cellular components, tissues, and other biological materials at -196°C. The CellStor Freezing bags are made from a special ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyolefin film that combines low -temperature durability with excellent transparency, flexibility, impact, and puncture resistance.

Conical Freezing Bags are used in

  • Blood & Blood Components
  • Hematopoietic stem cells (cord blood & bone marrow) long-term storage
  • Mesenchymal, iPSC, Neural, and other stem cell storage
  • Leukopaks storage
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Cell therapy (CAR-T therapy, NK therapy, etc.,)
  • Oligo therapy
  • Antisense therapy
  • Gene therapy
  • Tissue therapy
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Biological products
CellStor Conical Freezing Bags
CellStor Conical Freezing Bags

CellStor® Conical Freezing Bag, 1200 ml

CellStor Conical Freezing Bags

Technical Specification

DescriptionConical Freezing Bag (V-Shaped)
Bag Sizes & Volumes1200 mL (Available from 30 mL to 3000 mL)
Standard Port ConfigurationStraight Barb / Y-Barb (1), Needle Free Y (1), Male Luer with Cap (1), Female Luer with Cap (2),
4-Way PVC Y (1), Roller Clamps (3)
TubingDonor Tubing (EVA) - ID 3mm (0.12”), OD 4.1mm (0.16”),
Length - 210mm (0.12”)
Available Length: 50mm (2”), 105mm (4.1”), 127mm (5”), 190mm (7.5”), 210mm (8.3”), 300 mm (12”)
PVC Extension Tubing - ID 3 mm (0.12”), OD 4.1 mm (0.16”)
Materials of ConstructionFreezing Bag, Donor Tubing: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), Extension Tubing: Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
PackagingIndividually packaged in a Tyvek pouch; 24 /box & 12 /box
Shelf Life3 Years
TraceabilityLot number

CellStor® Conical Freezing Bags (V-Shaped)

CellStor® Conical Freezing Bags (V-Shaped)

Part NumberDescriptionPackaging
CSCFB30-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 30 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB50-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 50 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB100-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 100 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB240-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 240 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB300-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 300 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB450-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 450 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB600-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 600 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB1200-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 1200 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB2400-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 2400 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box
CSCFB3000-01CellStor Conical Freezing Bag, 3000 ml, S Assembly NF24 /box

CellStor® Conical Freezing Bags (V-Shaped)

Part NumberDescriptionWidth x Length (mm/.in)Nominal Volume (ml)Recommended Freeze Volume (ml)
CSCFB30-0130 ml125x80 mm (4.92x3.14 in.)30 mL10-30mL
CSCFB50-0150 ml140x80 mm (5.51x3.14 in.)50 mL10-30mL
CSCFB100-01100 ml165x100 mm (6.49x3.93 in.)100 mL25-50mL
CSCFB240-01240 ml180x115 mm (7.08x4.52 in.)240 mL30-70mL
CSCFB300-01300 ml196x124 mm (7.71x4.88 in.)300 mL35-80mL
CSCFB450-01450 ml220x140 mm (8.66x5.51 in.)450 mL50-120mL
CSCFB600-01600 ml240x145 mm (9.44x5.70 in.)600 mL60-140mL
CSCFB1200-011200 ml347x212 mm (13.6x8.34 in.)1200 mL100-350mL
CSCFB2400-012400 ml435x268 mm (17.1x10.5 in.)2400 mL200-600mL
CSCFB3000-013000 ml480x290 mm (18.8x11.4 in.)3000 mL700-850mL

Design Features and Benefits

CellStor® Conical Freezing Bags (V-Shaped) are made from CellStor EVA/Polyolefin Film CSES14-01, maintaining flexibility even in freezing temperatures and exhibiting high puncture resistance. They boast low water vapor transmission rates and excellent cold storage properties at -196°C.

These bags resist gas and liquid permeation, ensuring cross-contamination-free storage and culture.

All of our raw materials, including the film, are meticulously selected to meet GMP, USP Class VI, ISO 10993, USP 661 (E&L), Animal Ingredients (TSE/BSE) Free, REACH compliance, CLP compliance, and other regulatory requirements. Key raw materials, such as resins and films used in manufacturing CellStor V-shaped Freezing Bags, are registered with European and US FDA DMF.

Bag Design

CellStor® Conical Freezing Bags (V-Shaped) are specially designed for controlled-rate freezing, thawing, and long-term cryo storage. The features and benefits include

  • Improved Design: Reduces dead spaces to ensure proper mixing of the sample, forming a homogenous mixture.
  • Preventing Cell Death/Loss: Enhances cryopreservation by minimizing cell death or loss during the process.
  • Smooth Inner Surface: The freezing bag’s smooth inner surface prevents cell trapping, maximizing the recovery of the thawed product.
  • Easy Sample Distribution: The V-Shaped design facilitates easy sample distribution into various smaller and larger storage bags in a single filling operation, reducing the need for multiple manual welds and seals and minimizing contamination risk.
  • Excellent Cold Storage Properties: The entire CellStor V-shaped Freezing bag, including the spike port and tubing, maintains excellent cold storage properties at -196°C.
  • 100% EVA Tubing: Donor tubing is made of 100% EVA, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
  • Optimal Placement of Donor Tubing: Donor tubing is placed in the inner corner of the bag for improved debugging and sealing.
  • Hanger Holes: Holes are provided for easy handling of the bags, enhancing convenience during storage and transportation.
  • DMSO Compatibility: CellStor V-Shaped Freezing Bags are 100% DMSO compatible, offering versatility in cryopreservation processes.
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