CellStor Freezing Bags

Lay Flat Freezing Bags

Lay Flat Freezing Bags for -80ºC down to -196°C Storage Applications

CellStor Freezing Bag set can be used to freeze biological samples (cells, tissues, and their constituents) at -80°C and -196°C in liquid and vapor phases of liquid nitrogen.

CellStor freezing bag sets are used to freeze and cryopreserve cells and cellular components (primary cells and cell lines), blood and blood components, tissues, and their biological by-products (vaccines, proteins, etc.) for various treatment modalities, such as stem cell therapy, CAR-T cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue engineering.

The closed structure of lay flat freezing bags helps in resistance to breaking at low temperatures.

CellStor Freezing Bags, Layflat

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