Bioprocessing Bags

CellStor® Single-use 2D & 3D biocontainers for more advanced applications, such as tangential flow filtration, diafiltration and in-process mixing.

CellBios offers a wide range of custom 2D & 3D Bags (bioprocess bags) for a variety of applications: preparation, storage and transport of bio-pharmaceutical solutions. The biocontainers are available in single layer and multi layer depending on the applications and range of volumes.

The Biopharmaceutical Industry has validated two primary polymers for the contact layer of Single-Use bioprocess bags which to CellBios utilize. The first material is EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) which is commonly used for 2D Bags, and Bags for Rocking Platforms. The second and most widely used material is ULDPE (Ultra low density polyethylene) which is used as the contact layer for large 2D bags and 3D Bags.

Single-use 2D & 3D Biocontainers for bioprocessing

CellStor® biocontainers for Upstream and Downstream Bioprocess

Downstream processing is the part of a bioprocess where the cell mass from the upstream is processed to meet purity and quality requirements. The isolation and purification of a biotechnological product to a form suitable for its intended use, is termed DSP. Typically, this means recovery of a product from an aqueous solution. The products of biotechnology include whole cells, organic acids, amino acids, solvents, antibiotics, industrial enzymes, therapeutic proteins, vaccines etc. As these products vary greatly in size and nature, different separation principles are required for their recovery and purification.

CellStor single-use bags are used in bioprocessing into the following stages, including buffer preparation

  • Harvesting – Solid-liquid separation or clarification by centrifugation or filtration.
  • Concentration – Ultra filtration, diafiltration & precipitation.
  • Purification – Chromatography.
  • Formulation – Crystallisation & freeze drying.
  • Filling – the formulated product is packed and sent to the market for the consumers.

The CellStor single-use system is vertically integrated, closed, and disposable for continuous upstream and downstream bioproduction


  • Biocontainer uses the standard CellStor film
  • Powder addition port included on biocontainers
  • Inert low-density polyethylene (LDPE) fluid contact layer
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemicals
  • No animal-derived ingredients
  • Excellent gas barrier properties


  • Consistent materials across full range of CellStor biocontainers
  • Allows for powder to be added into the biocontainer for recirculation mixing
  • High clarity and flexibility
  • Very low level of extractables and leachables
  • Appropriate materials for biopharmaceutical applications
  • Stability of product during storage


  • CellStor bags available from 2 mL to 2000 L
  • Fits most Drums and Tanks
  • Proven tubes and components
  • Complete validation information

CellStor® Single-use 2D & 3D Biocontainers, Freeze-Thaw Bags, Tank Liners, and Bioreactors for a wide range of single-use bioprocessing applications.

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