High Pressure Monitoring Line

Pressure Monitoring lines are used to transmit the invasive blood pressure (via IV Cannula) to the Pressure Monitoring System. It also can be used with syringe infusion pump.

High pressure monitoring line is used for high pressure monitoring, and connection between syringe infusion pump and patient. Provided with universal male luer lock and female luer lock at either end to ensure securely fit all standard equipment.


  • Made of clear and non-toxic PVC / DEHP Free PVC
  • Highly kink resistant tubing
  • Latex Free, non-pyrogenic
  • Connectors: Male – female, Male – Male
  • Diameter: OD 2.4 mm, ID 1.1 mm
  • Tube Lengths: 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 cm
  • Single-use, EO Sterilized & Individually Packed

Ordering Information

Part No.Tube LengthMedium PackageBulk Package
CBHPML01010 cm20 /pack20 x 10 /pack
CBHPML02525 cm20 /pack20 x 10 /pack
CBHPML05050 cm20 /pack20 x 10 /pack
CBHPML100100 cm20 /pack20 x 10 /pack
CBHPML150150 cm20 /pack20 x 10 /pack
CBHPML200200 cm20 /pack20 x 10 /pack

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