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    cellstor freezing bag sets

    Cryopreservation and Low Temperature Storage Freezing Bags

    • Process Efficient Design
    • Closed System
    • Unique Identity Bags
    • Custom Design
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    CellStor Freezing Bag Sets can be stored in liquid nitrogen, vapour phase of the liquid nitrogen and at -80ºC or at low temperature.

    CellStor freezing bag sets is used to freeze and preserve cells (hematopoetic, mesenchymal, embryonic, induced pluripotent), tissues (cord, adipose, placental, overian, testicular), skin, bones, organs, semen, embryos, oocytes, vaccines, proteins, blood derivatives (packed red blood cells, plasma, platelets, platelet lysates, albumins, cryoprecipitate) and other biological specimens.

    CellStor freezing bags are made up of special grade Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), also known as polyolefin.

    Single Compartment

    Dual Compartment

    Cryopreservation Bags

    Multi Compartment

    Cryopreservation Bags

    Lay Flat Freezing Bags


    Safe. Economical.

    The CellStor freezing bag set is a safe, economical way to process and preserve blood, cellular components and other biological specimens.

    Low Temperature Durability

    The freezing bags are made from special Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film, which combines tough, low temperature durability with excellent clarity, flexibility, impact and puncture resistance.

    Reduce Contamination

    Film has good vapour and gas barrier properties, helping to reduce sample contamination.

    Long Term Storage at -196ºC & -80ºC

    The freezing bag is designed to tolerate long term storage at temperature down to -196ºC, the optimal storage condition of cells, tissue, organs and other biological specimens.

    Retains Biological Specimens

    The film material is biologicaly inert which will keep the stored biological specimens in an unaltered environment.

    The closed system bags ensures microbial free environment to the product


    • Improved design to ensure proper homogenization of the product and prevents cell viability loss during cryopreservation or low temperature storage.
    • Smooth embossing structure of CellStor film inside the bag doesn’t trap the cells and helps to transfer the entire content for further use.
    • Extra-long EVA tubing enables sampling for quality control testing.
    • Needle free connection are provided to avoid injection process and reduces the risk of contamination and leakage. This system ensures a closed system even after the disconnection of the syringe.
    • Each bag has a lot number for better traceability.
    • Hanger holes are provided for easy handling of the bags.
    • Special space is provided for labelling the sample information.
    • Two female luers and one male luer are provided for port configuration. However, these port configurations can be chosen or customized as per the requirement.
    • Freezing bags offers flexibility for various applications and on various volumes ranges from 50 ­μl to 20 Litres.

    CellStor Applications

    CellStor Freezing Bags for Bio-process / Cell Therapy Applications

    CellStor bags are single use and gamma sterilized, which provide consistent freeze and thaw processes for Bio-process/cell therapy product manufacturing. High quality film made with EVA which has good vapour and gas barrier properties helping to reduce sample contamination. Various sizes ranging from 5 ml to 20 Liters are available.

    These are pre-assembled and ready-to-use bags with completion of all the necessary testing’s for various bio-pharma/Bio-process and cell therapy industries. Assembly ensures proper protection, support and ease handling. Specially designed for controlled freezing, thawing and long-term storage in frozen state.

    Range of CellStor Bags


    Custom Port Configurations

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