CellStor Transfer Bags

CellStor Transfer (Single / Double / Triple) bags are used for collection, processing and storage of blood & blood components, cell & cellular components, etc.

cellstor transfer bags

Our transfer bags are made of a specially extruded, highly resilient PVC tubular foil. The inner surface of the tube is calendered directly after the extrusion process. This thermally roughened surface keeps the inner walls from sticking together, thus ensuring a smooth filling during the application.

The use of a tubular foil offers two additional essential advantages: A tubular foil has no side seams – a risk of leakage due to the welding process is thus reduced to a minimum. This also reduces particle contamination during the manufacturing of the bags.


Spiked Leads

Spiked leads allow flexibility for open or closed system processing.

7 inch manifold

7 inch manifold reduces product loss and maximizes Cryoprecipitated AHF recovery.

Eliminates Product Loss

6-to-1 manifold tubing connector eliminates product loss associated with standard Y-connected tubing leads.

Process Control

Temporary clamp located between the manifold and transfer bag helps to control the pooling process.

Standard Storage

400 mL Transfer Bag is designed for storage in standard FFP containers.

Improved adhesion of Overlabels

Interim ISBT128 & Codabar label on enhanced paper for improved adhesion of overlabels.


  • The modular design allows for numerous product versions
  • Single or multiple bag systems
  • Freely selectable tube system
  • With or without suspension eye and spike entry ports
  • Ergonomically shaped spike designed for ease of use
  • Easy grip tab for port access
  • Tamper-evident spike port
  • Printed segment tubing numbers for positive ID of retention segments
  • Rounded shoulder design ensures maximum product recovery


Dry Blood Bags for Blood Banking
Pooling Sets

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