Freezing Bags

CellStor® Freezing Bags

For Cryopreservation of Blood & Blood Components, Cell & Cellular Components and Tissues

CellStor Freezing Bags are suitable for cryopreserving biological samples down to -196°C in both the liquid and vapour phases.

CellStor freezing bags are used to freeze and cryopreserve cells (primary cells and cell lines), and cellular components, blood and blood components, tissues, and other biological products such as vaccines, proteins, exosomes, etc. for use in various treatment modalities such as stem cell therapy, CAR-T cell therapy, NK cell therapy, gene therapy, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.

CellStor freezing bags are made up of special grade Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), also known as polyolefin. They retain their flexibility even at freezing temperatures and have high puncture resistance.

CellStor freezing bags are resistant to gas and liquid permeation, they facilitate cross contamination-free storage and culture.

25 ml EVA Freezing Bag

Range of Freezing Bags

Single Compartment Freezing Bags for -196ºC Storage Applications

Dual Compartment Freezing Bags for -196ºC Storage Applications

Multi Compartment Freezing Bags for -196ºC Storage Applications

Lay Flat Freezing Bags for -80ºC down to -196°C Storage Applications

Tubing & Port Configuration Sets

Standard Set : S Assembly NF
Custom Sets : SC Assembly , R Assembly , S Assembly IS, Y2 Assembly IS, Y2 Assembly NF
Y3 Assembly IS, Y3 Assembly NF, SY Assembly IS, SY Assembly NF

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