Bone Marrow Collection Kit

The Bone Marrow Collection Bag is used to filter aspirated bone marrow for autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplantation

The Bone Marrow Collection (BMC) kit is a closed system designed to allow the optimal processing of Bone Marrow Aspiration (BMA) samples to ensure efficient refinement of the sample for therapeutic use. The kit is equipped with dual pre-filters to eliminate debris and large aggregates from BMAs. The separated bone marrow after pre-filtration is passed through an in-line filter to eliminate micro aggregates before collection in a transfer or freezing bag as required.

Collection & Filtration System

  • Consists of separate compartments that are assembled with large connectors for filtration
  • 1500 ml collection compartment with 800 & 500-micron filters (can accommodate upto 2 L)
  • 175 micron Plastic Mesh Filters in flexible plastic housing
  • 600 ml Transfer Bag & 500 ml Freezing Bag Containers

Key Features

Minimal set up:
Gamma sterilized, single-use compartments that allow collection and filtration in a facile process

Wide opening with cap closure
for ease of sample collection

Allows for pre-and post-filtration sampling
Needle-free site on processing container as well as downstream of the final filter

Pre-filters in collection bag remove large aggregates
800 and 500 micron filters reduce the risk of clogging while maintaining fast flow rate

Gravity flow-through medical grade, mesh filters
The kit Includes swappable 175 micron filters to remove microclumps ad aggregates


Efficient Filtration
Presence of 3 large surface area filters allows efficient gravity flow filtration without clogging.

The 800 and 500 micron pre-filters are integrated into the collection bag itself and are used to eliminate large aggregates.

Easy Sample Manipulation
Compartmentalisation of the collection bag separates the collection compartment from the pre-filters, allowing thorough mixing with anticoagulant without risk of filter inversion.

Low Contamination Risk
Collection bag has a locking lid for the sample injection opening. This creates a closed filtration system and reduces the risk of contamination.

Closed sample processing system also prevents leaks and loss of BMA sample by eliminating the need for additional tubing/filter connections.

Multiple Collection Options
The collection kit enables easy collection of the processed bone marrow cells in either transfer or freezing bags.

CellStor® freezing bags are used for storing processed bone marrow stem cells to treat various disorders.


Ordering Information

* 1500 ml with additional overfill capacity upto maximum of 2000 ml


Processed BMA has been successfully used in the treatment of lethal diseases like cancer. BMA is a good source of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and Haematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) which are used to treat leukaemia, anaplastic anaemia and blood related diseases. Transplantation of HSCs, especially autologous transplantation has benefited many recovering from high dose chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy for cancers.

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